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  • This list comprises of email address's garnered from various genuine sources of Judoka belonging to the three main organisations within the UK. It is expected that over time names here will be migrated to their correct lists ie. BJA, BJC or AJA.

    You are welcome to add yourself to this list in which case you can expect to receive general news on events such as courses and competitions.

  • This list is for members of the BJC who are active club coaches (defined as holding a current coaching qualification).

    If you add yourself to this list and you do not hold a coaching qualification with the BJC, you will be removed.

  • This is for members of these areas to keep them informed of club and area events that they may wish to be involved in. Whilst it is aimed at these two areas, it is not a restricted list.

    You are welcome to add yourself to this list if you would like to be kept aware of what is going on Judo wise, in these two areas.

  • This list comprises of those who have entered a BJC National Championship but are NOT a member of the British Judo Council. The purpose is to allow communication of matters which may be of interest to those on this list who would otherwise remain unaware.

  • This is the list of email address's held at BJC HQ. Over time this list will be split up into separate relevant groups.

    You are welcome to add yourself to this list if you wish to receive news on events, competitions, courses etc.

  • This is the list from which no one should EVER receive an email from. It is used to prevent emails being received from other lists by being included in the 'Exclude from' option.

    If you add yourself to this list, you will NEVER receive an email from us.


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